Uniform-LogoOur school expects high standards of its learners and uniform and appearance is no exception. This uniform policy has been created to ensure all learners can be confident through their vocationally relevant appearance and represent the school appropriately. Our school is a place for teaching and learning and preparation for employment, the school uniform policy is based on this fundamental fact.

Our school uniform policy aims to achieve the following:

  • Instil a sense of pride and community in our learners.
  • Enables uniform to be both smart and affordable for all parents.
  • Allow additional activities to be facilitated and safe.
  • Promote a sense of equality amongst all students through their appearance.

The role of parents

Parents are asked to support this school uniform policy. The school believes parents have a duty to send their child to school appropriately dressed and ready to learn. Parents should ensure their child is wearing their uniform correctly and that it is clean.

Our school colours are:

  • Black
  • White

UniformBasic uniform is as follows:

  • Black polo shirt
  • Vocationally relevant overalls – Black
  • Work boots as appropriate
  • Appropriate leg wear (no shorts or short skirts)
  • No offensively branded wear


Sensible shoes should be worn by both boys and girls. High-heeled shoes are not deemed appropriate. Shoes should be worn that comply with the Health and Safety requirements of the vocational areas learners are working in.


Jewellery is permitted but must also comply to various Health and Safety requirements of the vocational pathways and be appropriate in the workplace.

Therefore as a guide:

  • 1 pair of stud earrings – no other piercings are permitted to be worn.
  • A smart / sensible wrist watch.

Note: Jewellery is the responsibility of the pupil and not the school. Lost or damaged items will not be refunded.


No accessories may be worn by learners. Items banned include but are not limited to:

  • Sunglasses
  • Badges – other than the school badge
  • Hats/Caps and Hoods – other than for the walk to and from school. However in certain circumstances learners will be permitted to wear a hat or hood if deemed appropriate by the Principal. This is especially permitted if it forms part of a learner’s behavior or EHC plan.

Hair Styles and Cosmetics

As the WVTC curriculum has at its core the preparation of learners for work or further study, learners who choose to wear make-up and style their hair should do so with this in mind and ask themselves ‘Would this be appropriate in the work-place?’

School Bags

Learners must use an appropriately sized waterproof bag to carry their books and equipment. It should hold A4 sized work books comfortably and without causing any damage.

Religious items and clothing

We do not discriminate and welcome all learners regardless of faith or belief. However, the school must also weigh the needs and rights of individual learners against the cohesion and Health and Safety concerns of the entire school community. Parents’ concerns and requests regarding religious clothing will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis and in accordance with the school’s complaints policy.