Governors Information

Westcroft and Wolverhampton Vocational Training Centre (WVTC) have a joint Local Executive Governing Body (LEGB). The Governing Body has a general responsibility under Central Learning Partnership Trust (CLPT) for the effective management of the schools acting within the framework set by CLPT and national legislation. It is responsible for staff appointments and for the oversight of the curriculum and school resources. The LEGB meets every term to discuss policy and receive reports from the Headteacher. The Governors seek to form links between the school, the LA and the community it serves.

If you would like more information about the structure of the LEGB and what it is responsible for within the CLPT you can find more information on the CLPT site, found here.

Chair of WVTC LEGB: Janet Smithson

All correspondence to the Governors should be addressed to the School.

Name Governor Type Term From Term To Roles Address Email Phone
Miss Helen Andrioli Headteacher



Head of School (Not shared)  



Mr Paul Bellamy Co-opted governor



21 Oct 2018 20 Oct 2022 ViceChair
(Not shared)  



Mrs Gale Brindle Other



Papers only
School Business Manager  



Ms Ann Brown Appointed governor

( Trust )


11 Mar 2016 31 Aug 2019 Executive Headteacher
Secondary Key Stage 5 (Westcroft & WVTC)
(Not shared)  



Mr Lee Elliott Staff governor



25 Apr 2019 24 Apr 2023 Westcroft School
Greenacres Avenue
WV10 8N
Mrs Kelly Guy Parent governor



13 May 2019 12 May 2023 1-2 New Cottages
WV8 2BD  



Mr Chris Potter Other



WVTC Centre Manager Millfields Road

Dr Alan Price Staff governor



28 Jan 2019 31 Aug 2019 Westcroft School
Greenacres Avenue
WV10 8NZ
Mrs Emma Russell Other



Clerk (Not shared)  



Mr Doug Selkirk Appointed governor

( Trust )


01 Dec 2015 30 Nov 2019 (Not shared)  



Janet Smithson Co-opted governor



05 Jun 2019 4 Jun 2023 Chair (Not shared)  



Mr Paul Tucker Staff governor



28 Sep 2015 27 Sep 2019 Safeguarding
Pupil Premium
(Not shared)  



Mrs Helen Ward Other



Access to GovernorHub only (Not shared)  



Mr Michael Wevill


Parent governor



13 May 2019 Dec 2019
Mr Phil Williams Other



17 Oct 2016 Papers only (Not shared)  



Mrs Jo Wilson Other



Access to GovernorHub only WVTC
Millfields Road
WV4 6JP  



Mrs Alexandra Walker


Staff Governor



13 Sept 2019 20 Feb 2020 Westcroft School Westcroft School
Greenacres Avenue
WV10 8NZ  



Mrs Claire Millington Staff Governor



28 Sept 2019 27 Sept 2023 WVTC WVTC
Millfields Road
WV4 6JP  



Mrs Joanna Banks Parent Governor



13 Dec 2019 12 Dec 2023 Westcroft  



Ms Christine Andrews Teacher Governor Rep



9 Mar 2020 8 Mar 2024 Westcroft  



Governor Full Governing Body

13 Feb 2019

Full Governing Body

05 Jun 2019

Full Governing Body

16 Oct 2019

Full Governing Body


12 Feb 2020

Miss Helen Andrioli Y Y Y Y
Mr Paul Bellamy Y Y Y N
Mr Lee Elliott Y Y N
Mrs Kelly Guy Y Y Y
Mrs Claire Millington Y Y
Mr Chris Potter Y Y N Y
Mr Doug Selkirk Y Y
Ms Janet Smithson Y Y
Mrs Alexandra Walker Y Y
Mr Michael Wevill Y Y
Christine Andrews