WVTC continues to be ‘Good’

In its recent Ofsted inspection, Wolverhampton Vocational Training Centre continues to be a ‘Good’ school.


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Summary of Key Findings for Parents and Pupils

  • Students flourish here. They enjoy school and build strong positive relationships with their peers.
  • Students feel safe.
  • Staff care deeply about students’ well-being. There is a clear culture of mutual respect between staff, students and parents.
  • Students behave very well in lessons and around the school site. Leaders have worked hard to develop this ethos following the COVID-19 pandemic. If students have any concerns, they know who to talk to and are confident that these will be resolved swiftly.
  • Developing students’ independence is central to leaders’ ambitions. The school’s curriculum is carefully tailored to offer students the opportunity to develop their independent living and social skills.
  • There is a calm and compassionate culture here. Leaders are committed to providing students with an education that supports both their academic and personal growth.
  • Staff share the headteacher’s enthusiasm. They are committed to the headteacher’s ambitious vision. All involved share a strong sense of pride in being part of the caring community that leaders have nurtured.
  • The school’s curriculum is broad and immersive, with a specific focus on students developing the skills and knowledge needed to pursue a career of their choosing.
  • Leaders build a clear and comprehensive picture of students’ individual SEND. Leaders use this to ensure that the range of qualifications available to students is appropriate and bespoke to students’ individual needs. In lessons, teachers adapt their teaching smartly and unobtrusively to ensure that students receive the support they need.
  • The school makes sure that students benefit from a range of high-quality, and tightly focused, encounters with the world of work. These are closely aligned to the school’s curriculum.
  • Leaders’ work to promote students’ wider personal development and their independence is a strength of the school. There is a wide range of carefully planned opportunities that help to develop students’ confidence in a range of social settings.
  • The arrangements for safeguarding are effective.


Performance Tables

Performance Tables

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