Our Vision

We are a bespoke Training Centre for students aged 16-19 with Special Educational Needs.

The students will have an emotional, behavioural or complex cognitive need which will be reflected in their Educational Health and Care Plans.

Our school will aim to admit up to 25 students each academic year.

Each student will stay with us for a minimum of two full academic years.

Our centre is a specialist provider with a focus on preparing the students for the world of work.

The curriculum reflects this ethos and the students can select from a range of practical courses designed to reflect current job market trends.

All of the students are expected to continue with studying English and Maths as well as developing their interpersonal, social and communication skills through Personal Development and Employability qualifications.

Our aim is that by the time each student leaves that they are able to function in a work environment or that they are able to further their skills through further education or training courses.