Additional Data Scheme

The government has announced a scheme whereby students can request additional mobile data from their networks if they do not have fixed broadband at home or need additional data on mobile devices.

The companies involved in this scheme are:

  • Three
  • Smarty
  • Virgin Mobile
  • EE
  • Tesco Mobile
  • Sky Mobile
  • O2

As a school, we are able to make requests for students. If you would like us to make this request on your behalf,please complete our form using the link below.

Mobile data application form

We are required to state that we have shared the privacy policy with you and this is below:

  1. For the purposes of data protection, I need to let you know that the Department for Education (DfE) is running the Mobile Network Offer through schools and their trusts or local authorities
  2. If the offer is taken up by an adult account holder, the school or social care team will share the account holder’s name and mobile phone details with the DfE, who will share these with the relevant mobile network operator.
  3. The mobile network operator will use that information to increase the data available forthe account holder’s mobile device, as long as they qualify for the offer.
  4. The adult account holder’s personal data is only shared with their mobile network operator for the purposes of the offer. No names of children or other adults, other than adult account holder, are shared with the DfE or the mobile network operator.
  5. No personal information will be shared with the DfE if you do not want to take up the offer.
  6. If you want to know more about how your personal information will be used before you take up the offer, we can send that to you first.
  7. If you decide to take up the offer, you’ll get a text message from the Department for Education with more information about your data protection rights.