Increase the number of places at Wolverhampton Vocational Training Centre

Consultation on a proposal to increase the number of places at Wolverhampton Vocational Training Centre (WVTC) up to 75 full time places.

School Information

Wolverhampton Vocational Training Centre is part of Central Learning Partnership Trust, providing education for pupils aged from16-19 years with Education Health and Care Plans. The school is located off Millfields Road, Wolverhampton WV4 6JP.

Admissions to the school are as a result of Wolverhampton City Council determining that this is the most appropriate educational provision.  Pupils admitted have an Education & Health Care Plan (EHCP) agreed by the Local SENSTART Team.

The school was rated good by Ofsted in 2018.

The planned changes to WVTC will enable more young people with disabilities in Wolverhampton being able to attend a Specialist Post 16 School.


In liaison and collaboration with Wolverhampton Local Authority, Central Learning Partnership Trust is proposing to make one statutory change:

  • To increase the pupil admission number at WVTC from:

Academic year 2022/23 – 50 to 75

Academic year 2023/24 – Maintain 75

Academic year 2024/25 – Maintain 75

Why is this necessary?

There is a need to meet rising demand for special school places, through the expansion of existing special schools across the city. Wolverhampton Local Authority has confirmed that there is a need to commission additional capacity with the city’s special school estate to cater for the anticipated increase in demand in the short to medium term.

The Local Authority and CLPT have acknowledged that there will be no need to alter or extend the current site of WVTC.

These proposed changes reflect the shared vision of the LA and of CLPT that sufficiency and sustainability of any school requires a minimum of 75 pupils on roll.

Changes to admission arrangements

WVTC is presently funded for 50 children with a range of needs as articulated in their EHCP’s.

Before a child is admitted to school it is usual for the Local Authority to have conducted a multi-disciplinary assessment to identify a child’s learning difficulty and determine the special education provision the child needs. The outcome of the assessment results in an Education Health Care Plan.

As a school, we do not ‘offer’ places – this is the responsibility of the Local Authority.

The school has no catchment area and may admit children from all areas of the City of Wolverhampton also from neighbouring Local Authorities, if places are available.  Any child who has an EHC plan that names the school must be admitted to the school, providing there are sufficient places available.  The school, therefore, does not operate an over-subscription criterion. Gender, ethnic background or social status do not influence a child’s admission to school.

Providing places are available, the school is able to admit pupils at the beginning of the Autumn Term each year. Admission at any other time is negotiable depending upon individual circumstances.  Disruption to the education of other children in the school is also a factor to be considered.

Proposed changes to our admission arrangements are as follows:

  • That the Published Admission Number (PAN) increases from 2022 from 50 to 75 and maintained at 75 thereafter.

Implications for pupils attending WVTC

The proposal will allow for WVTC to extend its curriculum and provide high quality support to more children.

There will be an increase in places available for school-aged pupils who require specialist provision post 16.

Implications for school staff

Staff currently employed to work at WVTC will have no change to the quality of the teaching and learning provision and their associated duties and conditions of service will remain unaltered.

Additional posts will be created as a new Staffing Structure is developed with effect from September 2022. This new structure will create more opportunities for promotion and staff may also see a reduction in workload as the school workforce increases.

A larger school will offer more opportunities for professional development.

Implications for other schools

The expansion of numbers on roll for WVTC would ensure a minimum impact on other schools or provisions in the locality.  Currently other special schools in Wolverhampton are at capacity with forecasts for the area indicating that there will continue to be a pressure on places if this expansion does not proceed.

In summary

Our proposal is for WVTC to expand on our existing site from 2022.

WVTC will continue to provide excellent teaching, learning and care for young people with EHCP’s.

How can I make my views known?

CLPT are holding a six-week consultation on the proposal to ensure parents, carers and other stakeholders feel supported and engaged. Feedback is encouraged as this will inform the business case which will be submitted to the Department for Education in November 2021.

We want to hear your views on the proposal to expand provision to 75 full time places at WVTC.

We would like you to complete our consultation form. If you would like to request a remote / virtual consultation meeting via please contact the Executive Head Teacher at WVTC.

Views can be sent and shared in a number of ways. A consultation form is available at the back of this document which can be returned to the school or alternatively views can be expressed at a remote/virtual consultation meeting. Please request this via the school’s Head Teacher through a letter or email This document is also available on the school’s website:

If you would like to make any comments or suggestions, please return the attached consultation response form to:

WVTC, Millfields Road, Ettingshall, Wolverhampton. WV4 6JP.

The following timetable outlines the decision-making process.

Process                                                          Date

Consultation Closes                                       Friday 15th October 2021

Comments collated and reviewed                  From Monday 18th October 2021

Business case submitted                               November 2021

Implementation                                              September 2022


Special requirements

Should you require reasonable adjustments, including help understanding this information or would like to request a hard copy of this information you can email

 Please return this form by Friday 15th October to WVTC (address above) or via email to