Students hard work helping to renovate new teaching area for local secondary school

Our new year 12 construction group are currently in the process of helping to renovate a property on the site of a local secondary school. Colton Hills School have employed Right Track to help repair and refurbish a bungalow on their school site so that it can be used as a new teaching and learning area.

Right Track, a local not-for profit Community Interest Company, have a close link with WVTC and as such have agreed for our construction students to get some hands on experience of renovating a real property to the exacting standards of a paying customer.

Each Thursday, our band of students and staff venture up to the site for a number of hours to help with painting and decorating, kitchen fitting and general clearing and tidying.

Paul Tucker and Maggie Deegan, our WVTC Construction Instructors, have praised the group for their hard work ethic and attention to detail whilst undertaking the renovations. All of the students are taking an active part in making the bungalow fit for purpose at an impressive speed.