Thrilling Football Match Between Westcroft and WVTC

The match between Westcroft and WVTC proved to be one of the most exciting ever seen in the Westcroft sports hall!

WVTC, coached by Boing Boing Morris and playing in West Brom colours, took an early lead through Chrissy Blagrove but Westcroft soon hit back through Joe Baker and Arvinder Malhi to leave the score 2-1 to Westcroft.

As the players tired and spaces started to open up, Westcroft started to take control. Joe Baker, Arvinder and Kurtis Davis all scored quickly to put Westcroft 5-1 up. As the Westcroft squad started to rotate, WVTC sniffed a chance to stage a comeback and two quick goals from Sam Jones got them back in the game.

Joe Baker completed his hat trick and Westcroft made the mistake of thinking the game was won with only three minutes to go. WVTC were inspired by a fantastic long range goal from Sam Jones before Chrissy B got it back to 6-5. A last minute goal from Sam completed the comeback and helped to keep Manager Morris’ job safe!